Spiralbound Studios is the personal imprint of Spiralbound or Adam Bragg, depending on how you know me.  I've been online since the stone age and have enjoyed tabletop roleplaying games for almost as long.  Spiralbound Studios publishes roleplaying material in variety of styles and for several different game systems.  Herein are rules supplements, expansions, adventures, artwork, and miscellaneous writings on game design and worldbuilding.

Prior Work

I've created and published many things over the years, board games, card games, short stories, and articles.  About the only things still online by now are my infrequent articles on Stuffershack.com.  Some of my older material might be reprinted by Spiralbound Studios, but I make no concrete promises as I'm focusing forward, not looking back.

Contacting Spiralbound Studios

Feel free to contact me regarding anything posted or published here.  I'm usually rather prompt in replying.  I've used gmail as "Spiralbound" since the original beta trials, so the address should be fairly easy to deduce...  I'm technically on Facebook, but it sees very sparse usage.  Google+ is my preferred social network, see the sidebar for the link.