Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Releasing a Plague

The book PLAGUE CITY, another project from Stuffer Shack Press was released today.  I'm responsible for the layout, PDF production, and some of the art design.  This is an ANY RPG side-plot, essentially that means it's a series of related scenes designed to be shuffled in amongst the events of a primary campaign.  It takes advantage of this "background events" presentation style to attempt to sneak a few things past the PCs.  Ultimately, it's a small mystery with a supernatural cause.  A clever little item coming in at 26 pages.  Of course, everyone on Earth should own a copy of Plague City.

For me personally, it is yet another notch in my belt for being involved in the indie RPG publishing scene.  I'm a cog in the machine! :-)  Seriously though, I'm having a lot of fun and this is step by step leading me to more and more involvement, so it's all good stuff.

On the technical front, I'm continuing to use the free and open source DTP software Scribus.  I've been using the latest stable release version, but I'm going to upgrade to the latest "stable" beta version.  There is a further version under development, but rumours of it's eventual release are now many years old so I'm not going to wait on that.  Just the features of the beta version are enticing enough at present.  I'll be using it to lay out my own upcoming RPG project, an adventure for the Hero Kids™ RPG.  It's an adventure I began writing two years ago, set aside, forgot about, lost due to an external hard drive failure, recovered from the HD this past Summer, and am now finally free to resume work on!  I hope to be releasing it within the next 2-3 weeks so people can check it out on DriveThruRPG before Christmas.  Fingers crossed!