Monday, 25 April 2016

Keeping Focused On Your Audience

It was brought to my attention some people may have reservations towards my Hero Kids supplement Corvids - A Racial Supplement due to the presence of the work "fuck" in the Introduction.  Its inclusion was due solely to it being in the title of the Imgur gallery which inspired this product.  My original reasoning was the Introduction wasn't aimed at children, but their parents.

However this premise is flawed as most kids over age 5 or 6 would be more than capable of reading the Introduction and thus see it.  Well, fudge!  That wasn't my intent, so out it comes.  The revised Introduction still references the Imgur gallery, but leaves out the potentially offensive swearword.

Since I was rebuilding the pdf anyway, I've added another Monster to the product - a common Crow.  Not a huge addition, but more usable content all the same.  Existing customers can re-download the supplement to get the revised Introduction text as well as the extra monster.  Future purchases will receive this revised version.  Now back to writing my long-overdue adventure... ;-)