Friday, 11 March 2016

Corvids. Available for Hero Kids

Literally no fucks are given by corvids. Ever.
I'm riding an Eagle like a Boss!
Sometimes an idea steps in front of you and demands attention.  A few weeks ago I was reading my Google+ stream and Justin Halliday posted an Imgur link about really ballsy corvids (the bird family for crows and ravens) doing things like pecking at dogs, and riding eagles to the ground while screaming at at them from their perch between their shoulder blades!

Let's put that into perspective a little, it's roughly equivalent to you or I running up to a 25 foot tall giant, jumping onto his back, and boxing his ears until he falls down!  That impressed me a little to say the least, and I couldn't shake the image of a group of Corvid based humanoids taking on a bunch of Lizardkin, or Minotaurs, or whatever they felt like because apparently they don't ever consider the odds to be against them in a fight!

Today I released on "Corvids: A Racial Supplement".  It's five different types of Corvids, eight items and equipment with a Corvid slant, a Raven pet, and four scenario ideas to use as a jumping off point for introducing Corvids to your Hero Kids game.  I tried to design the Corvids so they could be used as either Monsters or Heroes.  Let me know how I did.

Corvids: A Racial Supplement
Corvids: A Racial Supplement
I made sure one of the Corvids was included in the product preview. The Corvid Piercer is a spearman who will jab at his opponents and then spin the spear around and strike them with the butt end of the spear for good measure.  Like all Corvids, he doesn't get intimidated, instead he gets even more aggressive if he's outnumbered.

Like most people who've just tossed their creative efforts out into the wild, I'd love to get feedback on what you think of this little item. Even if you don't want to part with your $2.99 and only use the preview Corvid Piercer I'd like to hear from you (although if you do that you're missing out on the other equally distinctive Corvids, plus some pretty neat gear too).  If there's enough demand, I'll make more types of Corvids and even an adventure or two about them instead of just quick scenarios.

Frogling Warrior
Now that the Corvids have stopped incessantly cawing at my mind, I can get back to working on my OTHER project, "Return to Frogling Marsh" a full adventure involving the Froglings from the official Hero Kids adventure Wizard's Tower.  It's meant to take place after the Heroes have completed Wizard's Tower, but doesn't actually rely on anything from that adventure so it can be run as a standalone too.  I've made a bunch more types of Froglings, some monsters, treasure, and a cool Frogling stilt village in the deeper parts of the marsh, the maps are tiling so you can rearrange them to make different villages.

I hesitate to make timing predictions as something always happens to delay me, but I hope to have this ready for release in about a month.  I'll be posting preview material over the next few weeks as I work at teaching myself to post more frequently on this blog! :-)